I am rooted, but I flow

English major, Human Rights minor at UC Berkeley

I like art, coffee, education, feminism, food, literature, music, pets, politics, science, TV, and travel

occasionally, I try to write.

We both trail our own paths
But the grass has worn out our parting ways
And I used to think I rode with the devil
But I’m left on my own
Even he hasn’t shown up these days

Don’t cry my latest sin
I don’t buy that righteous being
Calm your worried soul
The demons and angels left us here all alone

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Asaf Avidan, Different Pulses

If love is not a key, I hope that I can find a place where it could be.


“A Life to be Living"


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I’ve had the Beirut Tiny Desk Concert open in a tab for at least a week now, and I’m finally listening to it now. This is such a great song!

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Gustav Klimt, The Virgin, 1913.

Klimt, my love!

Gustav Klimt, The Virgin, 1913.

Klimt, my love!

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"Wake me like coffee,
soothe me like a cup of tea,
you are all my warmth."
—  Daily Haiku on Love by Tyler Knott Gregson (via tylerknott)

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sexylovecraft today

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"First things first, I’m a realist."
—  Jimmy, in response to my international relations/political theory readings 

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